Hello, my name is Aaron Petcoff

i live in brooklyn, new york with my wife and three cats. i'm originally from Detroit. i work as a software engineer at Frame.io, an Adobe company.

i enjoy dive bars, live music, hockey, writing, and history. the two most influential books i've ever read are Capital, Vol. 1 and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

here are some of the things i've built for the web in my spare time

  • react wasm demo – a very simple app to demo WebAssembly inside a React app (source)
  • blacknoise 💀 – an offline-first web app that plays awful noises (source)
  • head -n 3340 – a generative text art project (source) (exerpt published by gauss pdf)
  • damn. – an app for mimicking the cover of the kendrick lamar record (source)
  • property praxis – an interactive map documenting property speculation in detroit (source)
  • bodega cats of nyc (w.i.p.) – an interface for collaboratively mapping the feline guardians of new york's most beloved & bathroomless institution

you can find out more about me from my github and my resume.

i might write something on my blog sometime.

you can contact me thru electronic mail at xfilesfan69 [at] aol [dot] com

i'm valid